We turn local data on mobility, shopping, living and working into knowledge. This knowledge helps you transform cities into livable and vibrant areas.


  • What we offer

    We measure and analyze all the ways in which people move in urban spaces. Be it by underground or bus, from the office to the shopping center and back home. This local data provides important insights to make cities better.

  • How we work

    Data privacy is our top priority. We ensure that privacy stays private. Our highly skilled employees have extensive project experience and implement complex high quality solutions for all our clients.

  • Why we think ahead

    We and many other citizens want public transport to not only be a priority but also perfectly reliable for everybody. High streets must be attractive to ensure that we all reside in cities worth living in. That is what we commit ourselves to.




On schedule? Well-integrated? Comfortable and clean even during rush hour? When would you sell your car and switch to using public transport and cycling?

Public transport will remain the most important mobility service in cities. To redesign it, operators must know every detail of their network: how many passengers are travelling? On which routes are capacities well-used? How do the passengers spread out over the overall network? Where do people switch? What do they do after they disembark? How do they get to their desired stop? Around the world, our DILAX solution provides transport operators, transport associations and vehicle manufacturers with reliable answers to these questions.


Well-known retail chains or trendy shops? Snack bars, Cafés or Restaurants? Local or International? How will you go shopping in the future?

Without retailers cities become deserted. In areas where shopping is fun and eating and drinking invites people to linger, public spaces become vibrant. Not only in the center, but in every neighbourhood, we appreciate shorter paths to shops. Retailers need to know as much as possible about their customers to design their offering, marketing and services attractively. Our DILAX Retail solution delivers valuable insights to help retailers align their store strategy faster and better with their customers’ needs.


Fresh air during long meetings? Dynamic lighting? Workspaces with flexible desk usage? How would you manage a new office building efficiently?

We want to work where we live. Even in a metropolis. But work is changing. “New Work” is a term that differentiates the office of the future. Home office and mobile work allow employees to share desks. This brings more flexibility into the buildings and at the same time a greater need for security. We can make everyday life more efficient and safer with our solutions. That’s why we as your partner are there for you right from the start, planning the integration of our DILAX solution early on during construction.


Easy access? Local shopping facilities? Citizen-friendly administration? Various playgrounds and sports fields? How does a livable city look like to you?

The world is no longer a village. It is turning more and more into a city. That makes many problems that cities already face even more difficult to solve. We now have the opportunity and duty to preserve and shape our cities and their surroundings as a habitat for many more people: As a community worth living in. Public transport, retailers and shopping centres are important drivers of urban development. We as urban innovators commit ourselves to making cities ready for the future.



Work with Data

If you knew what you could do with data, you would be able to manage your business more efficiently and turn more visitors into customers immediately.

Develop a KPI strategy

Do you know which metrics you need to measure the success of your business strategy? With us you can check what improves your KPIs every day.

Be informed, be a decision-maker

Stop relying on feelings. Stick to the facts: Measure the dwell time & return rate instead of realising too late that you are missing out on customers.

Share your knowledge to know more

Joint innovation is the future. Collaboration is key to knowing more. If we all share our data in the local community, everyone can reach their customers better.

Invest in new ideas

Data is only as smart as the questions we ask. They help all of us to become innovative. Find employees who are successful in working with data.



Innovative technologies such as predictive analytics, or the integration of online & offline on a strategic platform for successful business development

DILAX works closely together with various experts and partners to develop DILAX solutions for new tasks. Be it in new mobility projects,  future stores, “New Work” office buildings, sports and concerts arenas, on a campus or in public spaces – we measure precisely and in real time how many people move from A to B and what they actually do. This is relevant knowledge for anyone who wants to develop attractive offers for the livable city.

Comprehensive use case based analytics to support day-to-day business decisions and increase marketing efficiency

With DILAX you gain deep insights into the performance of your stores, both long-term and in real-time. Our solutions capture and analyze KPIs such as passenger and visitor counts, movement patterns, dwell time, punctuality, occupancy, area productivity, capture rates and conversion rates. This knowledge helps you decide how to improve your product, service and presentation for your customers accross all channels.

Innovative system solution for people counting, efficient seat management, smartphone tracking, data management and predictive analytics

For over 30 years DILAX has developed privacy-compliant technologies for capturing and analyzing people counting data. Our data management software solutions DILAX Citisense and Enumeris provide real-time reports and analyses. Mobility service providers and retailers worldwide are using our leading strategic business development solutions to improve the quality of their services. They particularly appreciate the high level of reliability of DILAX as a project partner as well as the DILAX support and service.

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DILAX makes us fit for the future by connecting us to other industries. In this community of interest, we learn a lot.

Heiner Hutmacher,
CEO, HBB Centermanagement, Hamburg / Germany

DILAX provides us with deep insights into our stores, even about their surroundings. This knowledge is crucial for our strategic work.

DILAX is a future-oriented partner that allows us to move forward in the fields of IoT & ITxPT, enabling us to develop new ideas, to think again.


“Together, we can make the city better. Shall we start now?”




Marketing Manager (m/w/d)


Are you ready to plan, design, and implement international communication campaigns for DILAX? Can you drive our digital marketing forward and generate leads for our sales team? Then let’s talk about our future together.

Full Stack Engineer / Java Developer (m/w/d)


Great goals, small teams, exciting tasks. Does this sound like a cool working place to you? At DILAX you can advance the DILAX software architecture with your own ideas and take over responsibility for its design, features and quality.

IT Infrastructure Systems Engineer / Linux (m/w/d)


You’re an IT infrastructure expert and complexity is your playground. Planning, implementing and maintaining IT systems as an admin and as a consultant for our clients – that’s the world you love.